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Laura Newton


Cooking Mistakes That Derail Healthy Eating

From finding that inspired recipe to carefully selecting all the ingredients to spending a little extra on organic to taking the time to cook, you likely put a lot of effort into making healthy meals.

10 of the Best Brain Foods

Your brain is a powerhouse organ with a huge job description. Doing what you can to support its health can likewise boost mental performance, including concentration and memory. Keeping your brain in

10 Reasons to Embrace Planted Walls

Planted walls, green walls, vertical gardens—no matter what they may be called or what form they take, these botanical beauties offer a wide array of benefits to any living space.Planted walls—also kn

The Worst Toxic Fabrics (and What to Look for Instead)

Unraveling the production and life cycle of your clothing can inform more mindful choices that keep toxic fabrics off your skin and out of your life. In this era of “fast fashion,” clothing makers are

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