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Joshua Duvauchelle


The Best Ingredients for Aging Skin

You are what you eat. Research on nutrition’s effect on skin appearance goes back hundreds of years—but don’t try eating a clock to turn back time for your skin. Instead, focus on antioxidant-rich sup

Better Blood Pressure: Top 10 High Blood Pressure Foods to Eat Today

The food on your plate influences the numbers on your blood pressure monitor. And some foods are far more effective at managing high blood pressure than others. Eat your way to lower blood pressure wi

What We Learned

My New Year’s resolution: to put 2020 firmly behind me (and maybe skip ahead to 2025 just to be safe). Yet, as I reflect on a turbulent year, there are moments of inspiration tangled up in the pile of

What We All Learned in 2020

Very few, if any, of us foresaw this past year shaping up to be the year that it was. Who could have predicted closed travel borders? Or shuttered schools and shopping malls? Or that a bottle of hand

Young, Wild and Free

The first rule of Play Club is that you do not talk about Play Club. The second rule? There are no rules. Children need wild, unstructured nature play. Here’s what parents and caregivers need to know.

Jacked On Plants

Canadian women are 60 percent more likely than men to call themselves vegan or vegetarian. The reasons are tied to complex concepts of masculinity and men’s fears about losing their strength. But to b

Pandemic Parenting

It’s seems like an eternity since Canada reported its first COVID-19 case in January. Today, we’re slowly returning to a “new normal.” This season has been heartbreaking and stressful, especially for

Seeing Ethical Meat Through an Indigenous Lens

Just outside of Vancouver, the waters of the Capilano River lap at the shore as the river empties into the sea. A woman has trekked here from the opposite end of the city. She kneels, releasing a hand

Smart Summer Skin Care

Smart summer skin care starts with avoiding sun damage. Covering up, using a suscreen with the proper SPF, and getting proper nutrition will protect your skin.Don’t let the summer sun blind you to its

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