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Amie Watson


Are You a Plantivore?

People have been identifying themselves as vegetarians and vegans for years. Then came flexitarians and omnivores. Now, it’s all about “plantivores,” or people following a plant-based diet, usually fo

Chicken Noodle Soup Shines Again

Why it’s time for comfort and health to be reunitedChicken soup has played a role in food traditions around the world for millennia. From Asia to the Middle East to North America, the smell of a simme

Home (or Near Home) for The Holidays

With travel restrictions still in place, a lot of people who usually jump on a plane for the holidays will be picking a nearby local destination instead this year. Renting a cottage or other property

Feeding Our Future

These days, it’s easier than ever to access organic food. Thanks to growing consumer demand and growing supply, Canadians spend more than $5 billion a year on organic food and beverages, up a whopping

How to Eat For Your Gut

You’ve probably heard of IBS. But what is SIBO? Learn what researchers are discovering about this gastrointestinal disease, how to choose the best diet to treat its symptoms, and how to cook delicious

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