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10 Reasons to Eat Pulses Every Day

Pulses are one of the world’s healthiest foods (for people and the planet). They’re an excellent source of protein, saturated fat free, and high in fiber. And that’s not all: studies have shown that a

alive Awards 2019 Winners

Each year, we invite everyone who loves natural health to vote for their very favourite products. From protein powders to coconut oils to multivitamins, the alive Awards have been showcasing the best

Foods for Radiant Skin

The age-old expression “you are what you eat” is true—especially when it comes to your complexion. To get a radiant glow, make sure to pile your plate high with the right foods for healthy skin. The f

Shining a Light on Some Superfood Stars

01Sacha inchi seeds Sacha inchi seeds’ mother plant (Plukenetia volubilis) is recognizable by its four-to seven-pointed star-shaped fruit, which contains the cherished seeds. While the fruit itself is

alive's March 2021 Challenge: Dedicate to Meditate

Hey there, did you move more in February? The alive team got pretty into it. Here are a couple of heartfelt takeaways from our crew. “The Feb challenge for me has been about making a commitment to my

alive's 12 Months of Wellness: Sign Up Now

Let\'s be real here; 2020 wasn\'t an easy year. We\'ve been reminded of just how important it us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and to put an even bigger focus on our health than ever befo

Eat like Earthy Andy!

If you’re anything like us, you’re a little obsessed with all things Andrea Hannemann (@EarthyAndy on Instagram), from her pics of splashing in the surf with her kids to her videos of nailing squat ch

Our Favorite Recipes of All Time

At alive HQ, we get top-notch recipe developers to dream up dozens of healthy recipes every year. Our team makes, photographs, and iterates the recipes before publishing them in this mag or one of its

Mindful Decadence

Cooking and baking took on an outsized importance this year. Once-neglected cookbooks were pulled off the shelf, thumbed through, and cooked from. Although we were eating out less, we were eating more

Canadian Winters? Don't Let Your Skin Suffer!

Learn how to create healthy skin all year round, no matter which part of Canada you call home.Where in Canada do you live? Depending on the winter climate, your skin may require unique care. The mount

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