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Mental Health and COVID-19: Finding Your Calm In The Storm

With a pandemic, social unrest, political divisiveness, and environmental disasters dominating headlines, we all want to find the shred of good news buried in our newsfeeds. But logging in every day t

Rodrigo y Gabriela: An Evolution

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero, the dueling-acoustic-guitar duo known as Rodrigo y Gabriela, have been through changes. Big changes. From taking guitar lessons together in Mexico City to buskin

3 Easy Ways to Help Your Child Be More Mindful

Being in the moment. Staying present. Most of us know mindfulness is about fully experiencing, without judgment, whatever is happening right now. But we may not know how much this practice can help ou

Kid-Approved Vegan Eats

You know that eating a good mix of foods from the plant kingdom ensures kids get plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. You’re probably aware that children who are raised on a variet

Eat To Beat Diabetes

They say that food can be the most powerful form of medicine—and that’s definitely accurate when it comes to managing blood sugar and diabetes. Piles of research have shown that what you eat plays a b

Travel Like a Pro This Summer

Ever see seasoned travelers breezing through the airport with their impeccably matched luggage, just-in-from-a-Scandinavian-spa glow, and aura of effortless health? Channel those worldly vibes with th

Earthing Uncovered

Our modern lifestyles have created a disconnect between us and the numerous electrons on the surface of the earth. Yet, scientific research shows that reconnecting with these electrons can come with h

Why You Should Replace Toxic Positivity with Emotional Agility

Are you guilty of toxic positivity? The world changed dramatically in 2020, and many of us fought to remain positive and hopeful during these trying times. If you always try to look on the bright side

These Diets are Still Popular in 2021

Many of us want to shift our focus to lighter foods and healthier eating habits. But with so many dietary options to choose from, where’s a person to start? To help select the best diet for you, here’

10 Things You Should Know About Companion Planting

Turns out that plants benefit from a supportive network, just like people do. It’s becoming more apparent in agriculture that some plants simply grow better when beside complementary plants. These liv

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