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Live a Life You Love: 87 Positive Affirmations for Women

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87 Positive Affirmations for Women | From boosting your self-esteem and happiness, to improving your motivation and relationships, to helping mothers see their strength and the importance in everything they do, these inspirational affirmations and mantras are both beautiful and effective. Repeat these to yourself daily with meaning and intention and practice an attitude of gratitude to help change your perspective! #positiveaffirmations #positiveaffirmationsforwomen #affirmationsformoms

Have you ever used positive affirmations in your life? They may sound a little odd, but positive affirmations for women have the ability to be literally life-changing. There is so much good that can come from speaking to yourself with kindness and authority and manifesting your goals into life.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are not just things you see on memes floating around the internet. Positive affirmations for women are statements created for us ladies specifically, that are said with confidence about a perceived upcoming truth. These statements can help you overcome self-sabotaging thoughts and make room for positivity and self-affirming beliefs instead.

4 Ways to Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations for women sound great, but how do you actually use them or create them? One way that many ladies use these is to create a list of what you think your negative qualities are. These may be habits or traits you would like to change about yourself or even hurtful words others have spoken to you. Then, figure out the common trait or negative overall statement you have in front of you.

Then, find an affirmation that is the exact opposite of what the negative is. If you are disorganized, tell yourself “I am organized and thorough and neat”. Speak your goal into being as if it has already happened in your life.

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Repeat your affirmations. Positive affirmations for women should be repeated 3-5 times a day at least! Make it your daily mantra and you’ll see your life start to change. You can tape the statement(s) up on your mirror, write them in your calendar or have a friend repeat them back to you.

The main key here is to state a positive, present-tense statement to yourself over and over. Instead of “I will….” you will need to say “I AM…”. You should say it to yourself until you start to believe it!

46 Positive Affirmations for Women

If you are like me, examples are a great starting point that help me get the creative juices flowing. If you are having a difficult time coming up with your own positive affirmations for women, read through this list and write down any that jump out at you.

  1. I am realizing my dreams
  2. I am full of love and goodness
  3. All my dreams are coming true
  4. I choose joy
  5. I am relaxed and happy
  6. I am surrounded by beauty and grace
  7. I am brave and I am strong
  8. Everything is okay
  9. I forgive myself and those around me
  10. I love myself and treat myself with the kindness I deserve
  11. I’m a leader in my field
  12. Great ideas come to me effortlessly
  13. I enjoy the journey of self-improvement
  14. I am brave and strong
  15. I am worth it
  16. I love and enjoy spending time with myself
  17. I am deserving of all love
  18. I can do anything I set my mind to
  19. I can do it and I will
  20. I love myself, respect myself and accept myself
  21. I deserve to be happy and loved
  22. I am safe
  23. I am kind and gentle to myself because I deserve it
  24. I am doing my best and I am enough
  25. Today I will love myself more
  26. Each breath gives me more peace
  27. I have gifts to offer the world that no one else can give
  28. Today’s win defines me
  29. I am powerful and strong
  30. I embody my beliefs
  31. I celebrate every strong woman in my life
  32. Every success deserves celebration
  33. I revel in the small wins today
  34. I feel deep inner peace inside me
  35. I recognize the wisdom within me
  36. My dream is being materialized, right now
  37. I appreciate every moment in my life
  38. Being kind to myself is worth my time
  39. I enjoy being a woman with grace
  40. I am at peace with myself
  41. I appreciate every single moment of this life
  42. I spread joy around me constantly
  43. I love my body
  44. I perfectly embody both femininity and intelligence
  45. I honor myself
  46. I can handle everything life hands me with grace

41 Positive Affirmations for Moms

Let’s be real. Yes, we are of course feminine and have our own desires and goals as our own person, but as great as positive affirmations for women are, sometimes we need encouragement specifically as moms. Here are some to repeat to yourself if you are struggling in a motherhood-specific area.

  1. I was chosen to be the mother of my children
  2. I’m the best mother for these children
  3. I am the anchor of this ship
  4. This too shall pass
  5. There are better days ahead
  6. I’m the calm in the chaos
  7. I am equipped
  8. I pour out my love
  9. I love being the mom of these children
  10. I am well-rested and able
  11. I can do it all
  12.  I will fully embrace this day
  13. It’s okay to take time for me
  14. I am worthy of alone time
  15. My dreams matter too
  16. I have the energy for this
  17. It’s okay to ask for help
  18. My children don’t want perfect
  19. Our home is safe
  20. I am building a haven
  21. I listen to my heart and do what is best for my family and for myself
  22. There is wisdom and grace within me
  23. I have motherly instincts and they are true
  24. I’m doing an incredible job
  25. It’s okay not to do it all
  26. Time matters
  27. I trust my children
  28. I am able
  29. I am a strong, caring parent
  30. I am a better parent today than I was yesterday or the day before
  31. I am proud of myself
  32. My children love and appreciate me
  33. Who I am is enough
  34. I am the most important influence in my children’s lives
  35. There is no better use of my time than this moment
  36. I am fulfilling my calling
  37. I am rocking parenthood
  38. I am whole
  39. I can take comfort in those who have gone before me on this path
  40. I am beautiful and my children see it
  41. I am blessed

So there you have it! Positive affirmations for women are simple but powerful—which one will you be telling yourself this week?

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