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How to Get Unstuck In Life: 9 Ways to Move Forward

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How to Get Unstuck In Life | Are you stuck in a rut? Whether it's in your personal growth, relationships, career, or just a general lack of life motivation, these tips and strategies will give the inspiration to find a way forward if you're feeling stuck. Learn how to be more productive and how to have a positive mindset with these simple tips that work! #getunstuck #feelingstuck #selfhelp

We all go through seasons in life where we feel unmotivated and uninspired, but sometimes we get stuck in such a rut that it feels as though we’ll never get UNstuck. We start to feel lazy, irritable, lost, and even depressed. We lose sight of the things that bring us joy and make us happy, and even the smallest of tasks overwhelm us. Whether you’re stuck in the past, living in fear of judgement from others, or allowing self-limiting beliefs to hold you back, we’re sharing 9 tips to help you figure out how to get unstuck in life so you can be your authentic self.

How to Get Unstuck in Life

If you want to know how to get unstuck in life, the first step is to figure out why you’re in a rut in the first place. Are you stuck in the past? Are you unhappy in your job? Are you struggling in an important relationship? Are you allowing self-limiting beliefs to keep you from your goals and dreams? Dig deep to get to the root of your feelings so you can strategize a plan of action to get yourself unstuck.

If you’re struggling to figure out why you’re stuck, sometimes the best thing you can do is…nothing. We live in a day and age where we’re encouraged to over-schedule ourselves as much as possible, and when we’re operating on autopilot for months (or even years!) on end, it’s really easy to lose sight of what’s important. Of course, taking a week off to unplug and rejuvenate isn’t a luxury many of us can afford, but there are ways you can step back and assess why you’re in a rut. Pursue a hobby for 30 minutes a day, meet up with a friend, take up journalling, coloring, or meditation, or do whatever else feeds your soul. The time away from the push and pull of your day-to-day life will allow you to think outside the box and consider why you’re feeling the way you are.

When our minds are racing with competing thoughts, emotions, and goals, it can be really difficult to focus, causing us to feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Some people thrive under pressure and chaos, but others find it debilitating. If you fall into the latter category, writing an unedited list of all of the things that are racing through your mind can be extremely helpful in giving you clarity on the things that are causing you to feel stuck. You can then begin formulating a plan of action to move forward.

Another great tip for those who want to know how to get unstuck in life is to admit you’re in a rut and commit to finding a way out of it. Once you know why you’re feeling the way you are and have a written list of all of the thoughts and feelings racing through your mind, the only thing holding you back is your mindset. Your only limit is you, so stop wishing and start doing!

Whether you already have a clear goal of how you would like your life to change for the better, or you’re still mulling over ideas, don’t be afraid to look to others for inspiration. Read books, listen to podcasts, enrol in a course, ask someone you admire to be your mentor, hire a life or business coach…the possibilities are endless.

If you want to know how to get unstuck in life, I cannot stress enough the importance of investing in your physical and emotional health. Commit to eating a clean diet 80% of the time, keep your body hydrated, move your body for at least 30 minutes each day, and take the time to tend to your mental health too. Start a gratitude journal, take up meditation, and/or invest in regular therapy so you can uncover the things that are holding you back and make a plan to move forward.

While not all of us are hardwired to fold our clothes like Marie Kondo, being organized reduces stress, improves productivity, and makes it easier to stick to our goals. When your home, office, car, etc. are in disarray, it’s hard to stay focused and in control. You’re much more likely to feel distracted and overwhelmed by the chaos, causing you to procrastinate and put off even the simplest of tasks. If you want to know how to get unstuck in life, make sure you have appropriate systems in place to keep yourself organized.

If you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated, creating a vision board can help bring your dreams and goals to life and provide you with the imagery you need to stay focused. When creating a vision board, spend some time considering your personal growth, health and wellness, relationship, and career goals, and then find photos, quotes, song lyrics, trinkets, etc. that help bring these visions to life. Paste these items on a cork board or large piece of poster board, using as much creativity as you wish, and then display your board somewhere prominent so you will see it often to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

My last tip for those who want to know how to get unstuck in life is to shut down your self-limiting beliefs! Life changes take hard work and dedication, and if you’re only willing to give 50% of your effort, you have no one to blame but yourself if you fall short of your goals. Dig deep, commit to change, get organized, stop making excuses, and get to work!

I hope this collection of tips to teach you how to get unstuck in life proves useful to you!

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